How long can traceless hair be maintained? How can traceless hair be washed and maintained regularly

2020-06-18 18:22

How long can traceless hair be maintained

The biggest feature of traceless hair is light and thin, the hair is evenly distributed, there is no foreign body feeling when sleeping, comfortable, traceless, convenient disassembly, and can be reused for a long time. The thickness of traceless hair is only 0 or 5mm, and the bonding of two pieces is less than 1mm. The material is relatively soft, which can be maintained for about 4 months, and the good care can last for 5-6 months. It can be disassembled and reconnected in a few months, which is very convenient.

How to apply traceless hair

Layer the hair, pick up a little hair with a pointed tail comb, uncover the attachment layer of a film, place the adhesive side upward at a position of 5-10cm from the hair root, stick the hair, then uncover the attachment layer of B film, the adhesive side downward, align the two films, and then gently press a and B films from left to right to make the two films firmly bonded. Even if such a piece is applied.

How to wash your hair

Before shampooing, please comb your hair from top to bottom, and avoid the comb touching the receiving position. When shampooing, try to avoid rubbing the receiving part with your fingers. Do not steam sauna for a long time. Wash your hair for more than one minute. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly from top to bottom to ensure that there is no conditioner left in your hair. After your hair is almost completely dry, you can use any modeling tool you want, including a blow dryer. When drying and curling with a hair dryer, be sure to avoid blowing to the hair receiving position, because this may weaken the lasting firmness of the hair receiving. When sleeping, it's best to weave your hair in a small bun. When swimming, wrap your hair up in a bun or weave it.