How to properly clean and care for wigs

2020-06-09 00:00

Before cleaning
Before washing the wig, beauties take care of it to make it more straight and smooth. You can use the special brush for wig (try not to use a plastic comb to avoid hanging hair.) comb it gently from top to bottom, so as to drain the dirt and dust left in the wig and ensure its cleanness.
How to properly clean and care for wigs
Water temperature
There are also requirements for the water temperature for wigs. The water temperature should not be too high. Warm water is more appropriate (about 20 degrees, but not higher than 25 degrees) or cold water. In order to better care for the wig, some acidic care solution can be dissolved in water.

Soaking and cleaning
Let the wig soak in water for about 10 minutes, which can achieve a good cleaning effect. Then, you can rinse it gently by hand. When washing, you can use some shampoo, which is more perfect with conditioner.

Dry by airing
After washing, gently remove the water drops in the wig, and then wipe the remaining water with a clean and soft towel. Isn't it troublesome to do this? Isn't the hair dryer faster? Forget to remind me that for the newly washed wig, it is recommended not to use high-temperature wind such as hair dryer for drying (if it is cold wind, it can be), so as to avoid hair loss. Finally, put it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid damage to it by high-temperature exposure.

Do not comb after washing
Maybe some beauties will make such a mistake and comb the wig immediately after cleaning it. However, such a practice will inadvertently damage the wig. Take care of it after it's dry.

Care for damaged wigs
If you encounter the situation that the hair fork of the wig is damaged, dry, irritable and knotted (don't pull hard to prevent breaking the hair), you can spray some special care liquid for the wig on it, and then comb it will be much better. But don't wash and comb it, because it will cause great damage to the wig.