How to maintain wigs

2020-06-09 00:00

1.Comb gently. The wig cover should be combed before use. After wearing the wig cover, it can be combed slightly. Generally, it is better to use a sparse comb to comb the wig. When combing the wig, the method of oblique combing should be adopted. Straight combing is not allowed, and the action should be light.
2.Do not use hairpins.   In order to prevent the wind from blowing away the wig cover, some people like to clamp the wig with a hairpin. However, do not clip your hair too hard. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the net cover of the wig. Therefore, do not use a hairpin, but use a decorative hairband on the wig to fix the hair.
3.Do not rub and twist with your hands when washing. Often wear hair sets, generally wash once every two to three months. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb, and then wash and comb with diluted conditioner solution. Do not twist with both hands, let alone wash the false foam in the washing solution. Use both hands to gently rinse the foam above the hair, then cool down and avoid drying in the sun.