【What kind of wig is good】How to choose suitable wigs? Wig buying tips large market point.

2020-06-09 00:00

Wigs are not only convenient for changing hair styles at any time, but also the gospel of people with small hair volume and hair loss. However, the quality of wigs in the market is uneven. How to choose wigs suitable for yourself? The first is the wig material, mainly including chemical fiber and human hair. The second is that the wig should conform to personal temperament, and its color and style are exquisite. And different people are suitable for wigs. Next I will talk about the four tips for purchasing wigs, but don't miss it.

Human Hair:It is made of processed human hair. It has high fidelity, feels the same as real hair, and is not easy to knot. It can be baked, dyed and ironed, which is convenient to change hair style. However, the price of real hair is high and needs careful maintenance.

Synthetic Hair: It is made of chemical fiber and can be divided into low temperature silk, high temperature silk and protein silk. Among them, low-temperature silk is mainly used for shaping and making fake bangs; High temperature silk is mainly used to make curly hair; Protein silk feels close to human hair and has higher fidelity.

Purchasing skills:All human hair wigs can be integrated with their own hair, with high fidelity, but the price is more expensive, mostly more than 1000 yuan, which is suitable for people with good family conditions; Want to pursue authenticity, but also want to affordable optional human hair and chemical fiber mixed woven wig; If you only want to change your hair style or Cosplay occasionally, you can directly choose a wig made of filament material, which is affordable and has many hair styles.

Wig color should choose the color suitable for your skin color, or the same color as your original hair color, so as to be natural and realistic.

Pale complexion:The wrong choice of hair color is easy to look pale and unhealthy. You can choose wigs with red and soft colors such as light brown red and light coffee to make your face look ruddy and shiny.

Yellowish complexion:You can choose a darker color system such as natural black and light coffee, which can make the yellowish skin white. It is not recommended to choose a yellow wig, which will make the skin yellow.

Natural complexion:This skin color looks healthy and shiny, and there is also a lot of room to choose hair color, such as yellow, brown red, wine red, dark purple, dark coffee and other colors of wigs are very suitable.

Dark complexion:The skin pigmentation is serious, which will make the skin look dull and dull. In the hair color, we should choose some natural black, brown and yellow wigs to set off, which will make the face bright.

Choosing a wig suitable for the face shape can modify the face shape and achieve the effect of showing the small face.

Long face:You can choose a medium and long curly wavy wig with bangs, which can visually shorten the face shape, and curly hair can increase the sense of elegance.

Round face:The shoulder length Bobo wig with more hair on the top of the head can be selected to visually weaken the width of the round face and make the face thinner.

Oval face:You can choose some bangs with 4 / 6 or 3 / 7 seams and overall large wave wigs to set off the smooth lines at the lower palate, which will make the whole face look vivid and streamlined.

Square face:Optional fluffy micro curly short hair with chin and wig with oblique bangs can modify the water chestnut feeling of the face and make the face softer.

Diamond face:It is more suitable to choose a medium and long hairstyle, especially a hairstyle with a fluffy forehead and a fuller jaw, so that the overall feeling will be very harmonious. It is necessary to avoid short hair and medium level hair, because the straight shape will make the chin of the face seem very sharp.

Lady:Fashionable women can choose to have a pick dyed wig to increase the fashion of their hair style. You can also choose bangs wigs to create different hairstyles. Wig sets can change hair styles, which is suitable for women who want to change their hair style often and their hair quality is not very good.

Man:For men with less hair, the top of the head wig can be selected to increase the hair volume. For men troubled by hair loss, choose a wig set suitable for their temperament, which is convenient and young.